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The Way of Gnome - The Tales of Limindoor Woods by Sieglinde De Francesca


Several years ago, A Donsy of Gnomes, a book that quickly became a childhood classic, was predicted to be

“…one of the books that will remain alive in your children’s hearts long after they have grown and have children of their own,”    - said Nancy Parsons of

 Now, in this delightful prequel to A Donsy of Gnomes you will -

    Learn the ‘Way of Gnome’, the code of conduct that has been taught, by ancient tradition, to raise generation upon generation of Gentle-gnomes.

    Learn how certain gnomes originally came to the magic forest of Limindoor and discovered their Gifts, so that they could give back to the world.

    Meet young Gus and join him on his journey into the enchantments, magic and lessons of Limindoor Woods.


“Wonders and adventures abound in these captivating and imaginative Tales of Limindoor Woods. And throughout this splendid book are found the universal Ways that are taught to gnomes everywhere - five wise and kind principles that can also inspire us humans as we guide the growth and well-being of our own little ones.”                  -       Ann Cowart Lutzky, award winning author of  Those Beautiful Eyes

If you have not yet read A Donsy of Gnomes it is no matter, The Way of Gnome is a beautiful introduction to the gnomes of Limindoor Woods. But you may find that you will want to read A Donsy of Gnome after!

165 pages