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The 'Write' Approach book 1, by Joen Gladich and Paula Sassi


Self-help for adults.Teachers, businessmen and women all agree that handwriting has deteriorated. Much money and time are wasted due to illegible handwriting. The formal way of teaching writing required too much time and repetition. So, there was a swing away from the formal teaching with nothing to replace it. The value of writing was denigrated, and in order to expedite the process, machines (typewriters, computers) were introduced. This removed the necessity for the thorough teaching of handwriting.

Writing creates a basis on which students build skills for reading and communication. If Johnny writes, his reading improves. Many students have reverted to printing, expressing a dislike of their writing because it looks ugly.Book I is produced in order to help teachers, students, laymen to work towards beautiful, clear handwriting through form drawing. Book II will utilize these forms in the creation of letters that are pleasing to the eye. Your handwriting is you, improve it!

Joen Gladich was a graphologist who traveled widely giving workshops on this subject.