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The Seven Sleeps ~ A Donsy of Gnomes' Dream Adventures by Sieglinde de Francesca


All people dream. So do most animals. And certainly, do all gnomes.

When we dream, we may not always remember our dreams. But you may be sure that gnomes always do. It is through their dreams that gnomes do much of their learning. They don’t go to school to learn like we humans, or Tall Ones, do. Instead, they learn through their dreams! They also enjoy sharing their dreams with each other.

In this book the donsy, or group, of seven very special Gentle Gnomes, who live in Limindoor Woods, has offered to share their personal Dream Adventures with you all!

"As a collection of delightful bedtime stories, Sieglinde's newest book, The Seven Sleeps, will certainly help young ones to drift into a happy, healing sleep with good dreams. And, in a profound sense,  I believe it will help in moving the child (and parent) toward a greater sense of awareness and kindness in their wakeful moments!" ~ Ann Cowart Lutzky, award-winning author of Those Beautiful Eyes

Sweet Dreams!

118 pages                                                                                                                          Suggested reading age 7+