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Ukkie children's glue - 1 bottle of 100 ml


Product No.: 30110101 Ukkie children's glue - 1 bottle of 100 ml - made in the Netherlands 1 PE-bottles each 100 ml ( each 3.52 fl. oz.), with dispenser Price: $44.25 For these small bottles with the despenser the inexpensive litre bottles (article number 30110103) can be used as refilling packings.

Ukkie is the Dutch word for small child. This glue is ideal for craft projects with young children. It glues paper, cardboard, wood, cork, felt, polystyrene and other light materials.
The glue is non-taxic, water soluble and biodegradable.

The bottles have the unique spatula cap that enables you to apply glue easily on points as well as surfaces.