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Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs Holistic Approaches for Challenging Behaviors in Children by Adam Blanning


522 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lindisfarne Books

Published:  October 2017

  • “We have to work to feel at home in our physical body. This is not a sure thing. In fact, it is always a challenging task to fully penetrate the physical body. That penetration is the main developmental mandate of the first seven years of life.” (from the book)

How do we best help a child who is struggling?
By learning to look carefully.

Enlivening our observation skills allows us to see consistent behavioral patterns and dynamics that show up in children’s movement, learning, sensing, and memory. Within those activities we can learn to see archetypal pathways of development. Watching the way a child moves, listens, eats, or sleeps others use insights into a child’s experience of the world. Those gestures help tell the child’s story. We learn to think in living processes, not checklists.

Constitutional, or fundamental, polarities—as introduced by Rudolf Steiner—allow for individualized, therapeutic approaches to challenges such as aggressive behaviors, attention problems, anxiety, autistic behaviors, and depression.

Teachers, counselors, and medical doctors will find tools here that can enriching their work with children. These constitutional pictures are accompanied by diverse therapeutic indications that will encourage children to unfold new growth and maturation, from the inside out.