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Voyage in Song and Story by Jeanette Resnick


Music, Poetry, and Plays for Teachers and Children  Kindergarten - Sixth Grade

Teachers and Parents must have this book! It is chockablock full of wonderful music, verses, and stories from a Waldorf music teacher of 40 years at the height of 20th century Waldorf teaching. The lavish illustrations, done by the author’s husband, are worth the whole book! It is a gorgeous and alluring collection.

Within the pages of Voyage in Song and Story you will discover the following:

  • Opening exercises accompanied by movements to help focus attention on the day’s material.
  • Pentatonic songs that are suitable for harps or recorders.
  • Interactive songs and games to channel children’s exuberance.
  • Traditional dances, songs, and poems inspired by cultures around the world.
  • Part songs for 5th and 6th grades.
  • Age-appropriate plays and music for each grade K – 6

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-31-0
Perfect bound
Full color
297 pages
8.5 X 11 inches