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What Is Waldorf Education? Three Lectures Rudolf Steiner Introduction by Stephen Keith Sagarin


128 pp.  

Published:  November 2004

“It is only through imagination that we have any knowledge whatsoever.”
Douglas Sloan, retired professor of history and education, Teachers College, New York

This is a reader-friendly Waldorf “taster,” with three public lectures by Rudolf Steiner on Waldorf education and a thought-provoking, accessible introduction by a Waldorf teacher and longtime student of Steiner’s pedagogy.

These lectures by Steiner present what he sees as the “fundamentals” in a matter-of-fact, objective, non-dogmatic way. The introduction, wide-ranging and informative, treats of Waldorf education and methodology in general, explaining that, before all else, a Waldorf School is a good school. This is a must-read for anyone involved with, connected to or interested in Waldorf education.


  • Introduction by Stephen Sagarin: “Recovering the Quality of Rudolf Steiner’s Educational Work”
  • A Lecture for Prospective Parents
  • A Public Lecture on Waldorf Education
  • A Lecture to English Educators