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Woodland Crafting Edition 2 Expanded 30 Projects for Children by Patrick Harrison


C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by David Bond
Introduction by Patrick Harrison
How to Use this Book
Useful Tools

Choosing Your Wood

Some Useful Knots and Lashings
Overhand Knot
Clove Hitch
Square Lashing
Sheer Lashing

Things to Make
Hazel Mask
Festive Candle
Mini Hurdle
French Arrow
Night Torch
Dead Hedging
Making and Mending Tools

Making Frames and Simple Structures
Nature Picture
Star Gazer

The Tripod
Making a Tripod
Tripod Seat
Tripod Monsters

The Triangle
Making a Triangle
Modular Triangles
Step Ladder
Fixing a Tea Light inside Your Lantern

Using Elder and Willow
Blow Pipe
Elder Beads
Forest Rosaries
Preparing Willow Cordage
Macramé Bracelet 1
Macramé Bracelet 2
Macramé Bracelet 3

Making Puppets
Simple Elder Bead Puppet
Horse Puppet
Man of the Forest Puppet

Giant Puppets
Giant Horse Puppet
Giant Dragon Puppet

Afterword by Jon Cree

“A feast for the eye and the soul, for the imagination, too. Every new page will lead you outdoors to forage, collect, make and do. This is a book for the budding Swallow or Amazon.” —David Bond, Project Wild Thing (from his foreword)

Woodland Crafting guides the reader through making things with wood—in the woods—with a series of beautifully hand-drawn illustrations. The author provides essential knowledge and skills to complete a range of craft projects, ranging from simple to advanced and from functional structures to creative outdoor play forms.

Readers will learn to choose and work with wood effectively using simple tools, tying knots, and developing one’s own designs to make masks and puppets, night torches and staffs, arrows, jewelry, ladders, shelters, chairs for stargazing, and much more.

This book provides everything needed to know to have fun working with wood.

“This book is a real woodland companion and will, I Guarantee, increase any learner’s enjoyment, understanding, and ‘feeling’ for our woods and woodcrafts. Happy ‘crafting and creating.’” Jon Cree, Chair of the Forest School (from his afterword)