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Xavier Sings by Mary Lynn Channer


Stories of His Alphabet Friends

Here is a delightful story of a little boy, Xavier, who has a song for every letter of the alphabet.  After telling a story for each letter a mother or a teacher can then sing a little song.  Music has been identified as a wonderful way to help children to remember the sounds and shapes of letters.  Mary Lynn Channer tells a story about Adam for the letter "A" to give the reader an idea of how simple and lovely a little story can be for the letters. The end result is a child who feels the letters are her friends, too, and worth remembering as friends to help with reading as the skills for that develop.  Beauty and truthful sounding are what make the songs so sweet and memorable. All the illustrations are simple and to the point of remembering the letters!  Links to recordings of the song are included in the book so that the parent or teacher can remember the songs to sing them to their children. In our busy, fast-moving world, this book promises a journey to a very childlike place where a child can understand, remember, and sing into life the letters we use to say good things to each other, to tell good stories to each other!

Waldorf Publications
ISBN: 978-1-943582-45-7
Perfect bound
Full-color illustrations
91 pages
8.5 X 11 inches